@C: AB-OVO CD Crónica


@C: AB-OVO  CD Crónica

Not to be confused with the French Industrial act, ‘AB-OVO’ is the title of @C’s work for ‘OVO’, which is a puppet theatre from Porto.  I can only imagine just how obscure a performance this would be with this release as its soundtrack.

Utilising an effective wave of dark ambience, ‘98’ sets the scene with cuts up razor wire electronics that scythe through the bubbling mass; it may be a tad repetitive over the course of over 7 minutes, but it is effective.

In stark contrast, the altogether more electronic, glitch ridden ‘99’, only just holds itself together, just shy of falling apart at the seams; leaving ‘100’ to chill everything out with scattered harmonics.

The next tracks, ‘101’, ‘102’ and yeah you guessed it, ‘103’ follow much the same path as their predecessors, with varying momentary glitches and stabs of electronics, brushing harmonies and subtle ambience.  Nothing stands out as utterly amazing, but this is a conceptual album that has a function; as a consequence, there isn’t much on here for the masses, but is by and large pleasantly inoffensive.



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