MIRT: Rite of Passage CD cat|sun


MIRT: Rite of Passage  CD cat|sun

This is the follow on to Mirt’s ‘Heading South’; once again touching on the idea of creating a soundtrack to a ‘Non existent Trash Movie’, to quote the press blurb; and ‘Rite 1’ shows a beautiful stylistic approach to atmosphere that captures the concept to a tee.

Like the backdrop to some of those great movie moments where the hero drives through a desert at sunset, a faltering heartbeat thumps along to the unswaying ambience that rolls and glides as its companion.  Along with ‘Rite1’, ‘Rite 2’ carries forward an entirely different narrative, which musically I find hard to translate across, other than lonely contemplation.

‘Rite of Passage’ does play out like a film too; along the way the album throws up distractions that are not actual songs, but more of a break in the storyline.  Necessary to the concept as a whole though, these moments can be forgiven.

As a whole, Mirt has to be commended for this release; apparently each track was created in one take on just one modular synth, with no further mixing or overdubbing.  What he has achieved is a varying palette of light and shade, piggybacking an essence of cool wrapped in a mysterious web of intrigue.


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