HATI: Wild Temple CD Monotype Records


HATI: Wild Temple  CD Monotype Records

Here we have the latest studio album from the two Rafal’s, the unrelated Iwanski and Kolacki.  Comprising solely of ritualistic ambient, this isn’t a medium that I find easy to warm to and once again I struggled with this approach.

Percussive instrumentation, heavily reverberated echoes and clangs whilst cymbals crash, do create a form of ambience for distant chimes to resonate across; and this is achieved to substantial effect.  Whilst this is competent there is little on here for me to engage with; I love ambient music in general and whilst there is a crowd (almost a cult) for this type of music, it does little for me by and large.

‘Wild Temple’, would find an easy home for those that waste their cash on the many works by Ze’v.  One thing I will say is, that it does as a whole, have a little bit more to offer the genre than the usual random acts of timewasting that have come before it by their peers.



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