ENOUGH!!!: s/t CD Monotype Records


ENOUGH!!!: s/t  CD Monotype Records

Underground composers Jason Lescalleet, CM Von Hausswolff and Joachim Nordwall, may be unheard of to the many that read my reviews; indeed they are to me as well.  Apparently though as underground electronic subcultures go, they’re fairly well known and here is their collective output.

One-track albums can be a real pig to get anything of any relevance from, source wise; especially when the track is untitled.  More often than not, these tracks are a declaration of art as opposed to music and in these instances they usually fall short for me, because I actually like music.

‘ENOUGH!!!’ is a noisy affair as far as feedback ambient goes.  In part, it is caustic enough to keep the PE throng satiated as much as the DA crowd and this in itself is a minor achievement.  As a whole it does offer more to the aficionado as to the random listener, which conjures up the idea that this is seated best with those that ponder way to deeply at what they’re listening to whist stroking their chins.


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