BJ NILSEN: Eye of the Microphone CD Touch


BJ NILSEN: Eye of the Microphone  CD Touch

Alarm bells were firmly ringing the moment I read the press bumpf that came with this release.  Split into three parts, this album appears to be a collage of field recordings that Nilsen has collected on a journey through London; as I abhor the majority of output on the market comprising solely of this medium, I sat back with gritted teeth whilst pressing ‘play’.

‘Londinium’ opens up the proceedings with a warm Dark Ambient driven hum.  Over the course of just under 11 minutes, Nilsen allows the recordings to filter through as an undercurrent that never oversteps its mark.  Clever manipulation and layering raises BJ’s stock in this field as someone who knows what he has set out to accomplish and actually produced something worthy of note.

The droning ‘Coins and Bones’ is adequate as the second track on this disc, but does fall slightly short in the interest stakes compared to it’s predecessor; leaving the obscure ‘Twenty Four Seven’ as the epilogue of Nilsen’s journey.  These latter tracks do have a place, with middle number seeming slightly out of tack with the rest of the album.

‘Eye of the Microphone’, does one thing alone that many Field Recordings ‘artists’ fail to realise; and that is that people do actually want to listen to songs the majority of time.  In an era where money is tight, people don’t deserve to pick up an album where some self-indulgent fool thinks just recording stuff with a microphone shows any form of talent.  Luckily, Mr Nilsen is not one of these individuals and has produced a solid and expressive Dark Ambient album (knowingly or not).



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