RYOJI IKEDA: Supercodex CD Raster Notion


RYOJI IKEDA: Supercodex  CD Raster Notion

I thoroughly appreciate concept albums, whether that is because they sound great or constructed well, or even if they’re just plain bad but the idea holds weight; Ikeda falls into the latter collective.

What we have are 20 tracks of data patterns, blips and beats that if were melded into actual songs would most likely sound like some of the most amazing mash up of Rhythmic Noise/IDM/Electronica/Industrial you could get your hands on.  Ikeda though, doesn’t care for this however and neither does his label apparently.

I could witter on all day about superposition, installations and meta-constructed quantum information just like his press release; and whilst I appreciate the fact he really thought about all this whilst (I use the term loosely) ‘composing’ this album, it doesn’t detract from the fact that in reality it’s complete bollocks.



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