EMPTYSET: Recur CD/LP Raster Notion


EMPTYSET: Recur  CD/LP Raster Notion

Bristol based Emptyset follow up their ‘Collapsed’ EP with nine tracks of noise infused ambience on the experimental and underrated Raster Notion label.

Teetering on the edges of power electronics there isn’t a lot on this album that I haven’t encountered before (or actually own).  Usually this kind of work appears on labels that release pure industrial; I wouldn’t be surprised however if neither Emptyset nor Raster Notion is oblivious to the scene they are mirroring with this album.

For the most part there is little to separate the tracks, with most of them following a similar format of bass rumbles and mechanical percussion over layering dark ambience.  Construction of the tracks has been adequately produced and therefore ultimately sounds more professional than the nonsensical clattering that is evident on many a release by the under policed PE scene, where literally anything and everything is released no matter how accomplished or terrible; of course I would expect nothing but quality from the label that Emptyset have found their home with.

Overall though, ‘Recur’ is a decent solid display from start to finish, but just lacks that spark of originality to set it above many of those that have come before.


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