KK NULL + THE NOISER: s/t CD Monotype Records


KK NULL + THE NOISER: s/t  CD Monotype Records

KK Null has been doing the rounds for years and has joined forces now for this release with the rather noisy…erm, The Noiser.  The results are as crazy as I expected.

Opening up with some tense atmospherics, it doesn’t take long for the first untitled track of eight to explode into a barrage of machine gun noise and near blast-beat frenzy, only to restrain itself into near IDM territory towards the end.

Power electronics make headway on track two, filtering out into a wash of paranoid warping instability that in contrast makes the brooding track the an almost strange beast to comprehend.

Unfortunately there is also a passion for the nonsensical on the release that ruins some of the effect and I wish that this duo had concentrated more of their efforts on just being a relentless wash of teeth shattering brutality, which they’re more than capable of.

I can imagine this works well in close quarter live actions. On record though, things have been spaced far too far apart and the aural pummelling has been all too diluted for my tastes.  With genres like this, it’s best to do what you are best at, rather than dabble in something so experimental that it loses ground.  It does have its fair share of moments though, although I expected more.



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