CMKK: Gau CD Monotype Records


CMKK: Gau  CD Monotype Records

Over one long track we have the coming together of four artists; Celer, Machinfabriek, Jan and Romke Kleefstra.  I more often than not have an aversion to albums that are not split up into separate tracks should I find something special along the way, then struggle to have to source it should I want to play that particular moment again; however, I guess it’s the overall result that counts.

Apparently the foursome actually recorded over four hours of sound and edited this down to the 48 minute outcome we have here; I can only guess this was no mean feat.  ‘Gau’, by its very nature feels longer than it actually is and is quite the challenge to sit through all in one go.

Ambient in nature, there are a variety of sounds along the way that make up the journey as a whole.  In places this is quite tense and dramatic, with spoken word to add to the story.  In equal measure though are those moments that simply drag you down with their psychosis and provide an irritation, rather than involvement and due to the artistic nature of releases like ‘Gau’, this was of no surprise whatsoever.

Overall, the composition is fairly solid though.  Nothing truly stands out as amazing and I feel this is more of an experiment in sound rather than anything tangible as a whole; it does have its moments though, where you can almost see what they were trying to achieve.


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