SENKING: Capsize Recovery CD Raster Notion


SENKING: Capsize Recovery  CD Raster Notion

On the whole I am really impressed by a lot of the releases on Raster Notion.  For me they are an alternative listening post for a lot of underground electronics and artists that I have previously not heard of.

‘Capsize Recovery’, introduces me to the world of Senking and his electronically dark soundtrack vision of the world.  On the whole, there’s a lot to like with a few drawbacks.  Concentrating mainly on the squelching sub-bass and low-end trance synth patterns, that give the occasional nod to dub-step, it plods along at a steadily pleasant pace; but where ‘Capsize Recovery’ falls short is with the rhythm sections that feel as though they have been programmed in as an afterthought, with little power or presence.

The other downside to this album is that there is little similarity between the songs.  Exploration into other sounds, other than the bass lines has been all but omitted, with the outcome feeling somewhat empty, with little to latch onto past the halfway point.  The upshot then is an album that could have offered so much more than what has been produced; focussing more of his efforts on creating more songs like the engaging ‘Tiefenstop’ would have been a start (and one which I would suggest you start with too should you give this a listen).


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