EMMANUEL ALLARD: Nouvelles Upanishads Du Yoga CD Baskaru


EMMANUEL ALLARD: Nouvelles Upanishads Du Yoga  CD Baskaru

Once again, immediate worry sets in when I read the press bumpf and see the words “Sound Artist”; I tend to translate this as “Talentless Thespian”.

Apparently, Allard has been making electronic and digital music since the late 90’s.  Look at that word again, music.  Saying that Emmanuel makes music (if this album is anything to go by) is like badging burgers as beef, when they’re actually made of horse; ‘Nouvelles Upanishads Du Yoga ‘, is anything but music (well apart from the lip service played on the competent ‘Séance’).

What we have is approximately 56 minutes of random thoughtless noises that make me actually question the label more than Allard himself; unadulterated, nonsensical garbage.


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