SHORAI: Interference CD HANDS


SHORAI: Interference  CD HANDS

This is Shorai’s (translated from Japanese as ‘future’) fourth album, all of them on the Hands label.  As a concept, Fernando García has built the entire release around the physics combining electromagnetic waveforms and the displacement and disruption that arises… and stuff; bearing this in mind he has pretty much achieved what he set out to do.

For pure powernoise enthusiasts, this latest release does tick those boxes, but in an altogether different form.  More often than not the clean electronics and off kilter programming make for a more interesting combination than straight 4/4 rhythmical assaults; in a lot of respects (albeit far removed) similar to the way true IDM is generally programmed.

Occasionally Shorai feeds the label followers their daily medicine of why they’re enthusiasts in the first place, never forgetting who is providing him the platform for which his music is marketed from.  These inclusions are minimal and more often than not, Fernando takes a trip into the bizarre and nonsensical, which for the most part works, but won’t mean much to the casual listener who has not encountered his back catalogue before.

‘Interference’ is a pleasing affair for those that are open minded enough to appreciate the effort taken in construction of such forms and prepared to accept the non-musical aspects as weight of programming architecture.  Along the way there is much to unearth and a lot to swallow in just one sitting alone.



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