Madrid based Proyecto Mirage have been around the block for many a year with many an energetic live performance and album to boot; with a mixed bag of releases that I have found occasionally fun to listen to and the odd one that I could take it or leave it.

This, their 7th full-length album starts off in the same vein as a few of their predecessors.  Squelching noise and electronics folds over steadily rumbling beats that fall over themselves, with additional rhythmical infusions added to the mix as it pans out.  There’s two ways any listener can view this, either a small comfort that PM are not giving them any unwanted surprises, or that it’s maybe time to move on; I am leaning towards the latter.

If truth-be-told this 12-tracker comfortably fits the concept of the title, with much of the output sounding like it has been filtered through a steam engine of sorts.  There is much to smile about if you are an avid follow of the distorted beat genre as a whole and whilst many of these tracks are bettered once again with the inclusion of Alicia H. Willen’s vocal efforts separating them from the throng; musically speaking though; nothing much has changed.

Don’t get me wrong, ‘Steam Tech’ isn’t a bad album at all; indeed if you are a fan there is much to rejoice about.  If I had picked up this album many a year ago, personally I would have been jumping for joy shouting their name from the rooftops (as I once did with 2001’s  ‘Two Tons of Rubble’).  Now I just appreciate that this has been solidly done and done well, but with little for me to return to or differentiate this from previous output, as times have changed significantly with what I listen to.


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