David Christian has had numerous releases out over the years and has steadily gained a solid reputation for his eclectic, alternative take on the Industrial and distorted beat genre as a whole.

Now he has found his home with Germany’s Hands label, which may automatically set preconceptions as to the approach of his latest work.  Safe to say, Christian hasn’t strayed from his own concepts and followed the bandwagon that I am sure would have been all too easy to jump upon.

‘Last Words’ engages a mechanically cold structure that doesn’t draw on the rhythmic noise scene until mid-way; and when he does it’s with a minimalist of nods at those that have come before.  The Geistform-esque opener of ‘Bad Ground’ treads water in the labels familiar territory, but with David’s electronic dance sensibilities firmly tethering the sounds into a cohesive listening experience; that whilst cold in nature, manages to engage the listener with layers of ear friendly programing.

Over the course of and hour and seven minutes you could be forgiven for thinking that many of the tracks sound similar in nature.  However, there is a slight of hand at play that draws on minute nuances, altering each song on a track by track basis; and that’s where the true genius in ‘Anima Meccanica’ lies as a whole, given patience.

Cervello Elettronico once again has produced an engaging release that is almost OCD in nature such is the small attention to detail.  It’s this obsessive eye for clarity and clean precision that makes it such an effective addition to his back catalogue that should please his long-term listeners and those new to the fold alike.



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