I have to admit, as a listening experience I have always been lethargic with the works of Ambassador 21 when it comes to playing one of their albums at home; and much preferred this Belarus duo in the live arena.  Over the course of what appears to be a gazillion albums it’s been hard to keep track of the pair so it’s been good to reacquaint myself with them once more.

Opening up in blistering fashion it’s fair to say that ‘X’ isn’t for the faint of heart, carrying all the energy they expel live, right into the studio.  ‘Dope Off’, is riddled with furious rhythms, crunching guitar and riotous vocals that’s scythe through the mix like a knife, with a smattering of political samples thrown in for good measure.

Things don’t let up come track two, ‘Revolution is a Business’, with its thundering double bass that starts a landslide of a song that unbelievably never lets up on the crushing momentum from start to finish; punishing and relentless, this is a vicious insight into what this Minsk pairing are all about when they’re on their A game.

Rarely letting up, there’s barely a moment for contemplation on the whole of this release with just a few limited sections of the album slowing down on the BPM level, and then it’s not for long; bearing this in mind, overall it can get a little too much, lacking in the variation stakes as a whole.  But then, if all out aggression is your cup of tea, then Ambassador 21 have it in bucket loads, with smiles on their faces as they kick your teeth in all the way to the very last beat.


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