PAS MUSIQUE: Abandoned Bird Egg CD Alrealon Musique


PAS MUSIQUE: Abandoned Bird Egg  CD Alrealon Musique

Abstract music for people cast out from normal society, appears to be the concept for ‘Abandoned Bird Egg’, through a series of musical collages. 

By “musical collages”, I think this is where my interpretation and that of PAS Musique differ drastically.  This quartet credit the disassociation from society with song sculptures that create their own world of beauty; and soundscapes that are not defined by any convention. 

All I can derive from what I am listening to, is a mash-up of noises, beats and electronics with guitar work thrown into a pot labelled ‘psychedelic’ and spewed out as an exercise in how to produce a muggy mash-up of unadulterated drivel.


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