BURKHARD STANGL: Unfinished. For William Turner. Painter. CD Touch


BURKHARD STANGL: Unfinished. For William Turner. Painter.  CD Touch

I am always wary of pieces of music dedicated to some type of art form, or indeed specific artists; more often than not the music composed focuses mainly on sculpting sounds over actual songs themselves.  Safe to say I approached this album with some trepidation.

Stangl first got his inspiration when he visited the Tate in London and saw the paintings of the man he has devoted the title of his album to; I will omit the press spouting’s surrounding this and concentrate solely on the music, because as usual there is minimal reference to anyone else listening but Burkhard himself.

The sounds of crowds through tapes and electric guitars are the general make up of this release.  Pleasant enough to listen to, the majority of this ironically would have come across better as an installation set up within any art gallery, let alone JMW Turner’s work.

On the whole there is nothing wrong with the compositional talents on display.  There is little however for the general listener at home to latch onto to and I feel whilst it’s easy to appreciate the concept and just how inoffensive this is, it’s not going to be one of those albums you just pick up to listen to at any given time; this is more of an oddity, accompanied with personal gratification and an exercise in chin stroking for Stangl himself.


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