Former Emeralds member has picked out some of his unreleased studio works here from archived work from over the last eight years, capturing some of his own input that he produced for the overall Emeralds sound.  It’s peculiar that he should separate his work from a project he was deeply deeply involved with and release the contribution in its own right, but interesting all the same.

Understandably, a lot of the songs appear as snippets of sound as opposed to full tracks, with openers ‘Poinsettia’ and ‘Galloping’ teasing the listener with simplistic electronic grace, rather than becoming something you can truly immerse yourself in; such is their limited length.   It isn’t until ‘Thumbnails’, with it’s scattered harmonics and reverberated beat that you can start to bed yourself in for the long haul.

Yes, this is a lengthy release; the first disc is an hour and thirteen minutes long, whilst disc two is slightly longer, clocking in at an hour and sixteen.  Whilst the former concentrates mainly on Hauschildt’s upbeat work, where IDM elements flitter amongst poppy electronics and momentary stutters of elation, its counterpart has more than its fair share of ambient along the way.

S/H rarely meanders in dark corners, indeed most of the output on the double disc affair is fairly light and uplifting in nature and it’s easier to spot him individual input once returning to Emeralds releases.

Again, I question why he would do this; it’s almost a statement of intent as to his position within his former project (a snub maybe to a possible lack of input from others?).  Either way, there is more than enough here to envelop yourself within if you are a lover of all things electronic; and is a value for money affair no less, given the sheer amount of listening time you will have should this be on your purchase list.


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