HOOFUS: Several Wolves CDr/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Exotic Pylon


HOOFUS: Several Wolves  CDr/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Exotic Pylon

Norfolk based Hoofus produces fuzzy analogue electronics that I can only assume comes from limited access to anything remotely entertaining due to the nature of his geographical location (sorry Norfolk).

‘Data Shunt 89’ and ‘The Loke’ start off the proceedings with a simplistic blast of steady beats and distorted playful synth.  However, once the next few tracks start to bed in, the tone for the rest of the album is set.

With a nonsensical amount of scattered bleeps and whirs, barely resembling songs due to the fact that all but of them bar five last under two minutes in length, it quickly becomes apparent that, whilst experimental in nature, there is little to listen to and enjoy without wanting to kick your speakers through.


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