XOTOX: Schwanengesang CD Pro-Noize/Dark Dimensions


XOTOX: Schwanengesang CD Pro-Noize/Dark Dimensions

Given that the title of this latest opus translates as ‘Swansong’, I most certainly hope this isn’t an indicator that this is to be the hard working Andreas Davids’ last release. For many a year Davids has pummelled Industrial audiences with his unrelenting version of the genre for ‘hyperactive people’ and it would be a shame to see the project fold.

‘Kampf um’s Licht’ opens up as a warning to what is to come with a harsh array of controlled distortion and unrelenting beats that hammer repetitively over selective samples and is a fitting introduction, with the electronically guitar-like, beat torrid ‘Slå Tillbaka’ fittingly following suit.

The title track is up next and encapsulates all that Xotox is about as a project; rhythmically straightforward with one clear intention. ‘Muy Fragil’ provides an ultimately more soundtrack feel to the proceedings, providing listeners a pause for breath and displays another key element in Davids’ arsenal, luring the listener into a false sense of security before smashing their teeth in with the immense ‘Notwehr’.

On ‘Schwanengesang’ Xotox has once again raised the bar for the genre, with more concentration placed this time on the electronics to provide something fresh and new, whilst retaining the ability to please long-term listeners with the aggression they have come to love. There is simplicity to Andreas’ work that I have always appreciated, never overstating itself, whilst using the appropriate amount of each ingredient necessary to provide the required result. Once again this is no frills, no bollocks dance-floor, riotous Industrial that doesn’t proclaim to be anything other than what it is and long may Xotox remain so.


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