NIMON: Drowning in Good Intentions CD Ant-Zen


NIMON: Drowning in Good Intentions  CD Ant-Zen

Veteran to the scene, Keef Baker recently announced that he wouldn’t be producing any more music under his own name.  This brought some initial sadness, as I have always loved what he has released upon the world; and now that ship has sailed, we have Nimon to fall back on as his latest vessel for moving forward.

‘Drowning in Good Intentions’ provides us with an ultimately different beast to what has come before, concentrating on blissful droning guitar-led ambience.  This is not a new medium by any means, as the likes of Aiden Baker and such will attest to; however none of them quite hit the levels that Baker does on this emotionally gut wrenching warts and all, project debut.

Texturally deep, it’s best to consume ‘Drowning in Good Intentions’ as a whole rather than on a track by track basis.  In one sitting it’s easier to become immersed within the waves of grief as they push you further into the depths, with one hand outstretching to lift your head above the swell just as you run out of air.  Many a dynamic filter through the mix and the blended shoegazing backdrop, reminiscent in part of some of the works of the mighty Fennesz alongside a cavernous well of reverb, providing an engaging mass of self-examination.

As with many albums out there, Nimon specifically requires the listener to be in a set frame of mind.  It would be impossible and neither is it fair to judge this work alongside previous incarnations of Baker’s work; and should be approached as something ultimately new in it’s own right, with no preconceptions as to how you feel it should sound.  For those expecting electronic beats and happy go lucky song titles, this is no less personal than previous affairs, but hitting from a drastically different array of emotions that are as uplifting as they are tragic, but nonetheless something we all can relate to.



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