GEIR JENSSEN: Stromboli 12” Touch


GEIR JENSSEN: Stromboli  12” Touch

I am often unenthusiastic when it comes to field recordings; even more so when someone has managed to have work of this nature released on vinyl. Norwegian Jenssen has taken his Fostex recorded sounds from the edges of the active volcano, Stromboli and fused them into a mash-up of naturally crushing sounds.

There is obviously an element of humour at play here with side B, titled as the ‘dub’ version of the track; safe to say though… there is no dub, none whatsoever; which is a shame considering some of his previous industrial and electronic output.  More so I guess, the emphasis on this release has to be focussed on the effort made to obtain the sources used to create the record.  Jenssen climbed Stromboli three years after its last major eruption and whilst providing no musical reference, could provide a key source of natural interest to volcanologists the world over.

As a whole though, to the casual collector this release merely becomes an oddity of an EP and mainly just one to show your friends and have them ask just why the hell you have it at all.  In some respects, for all his efforts he would have possibly gained more by releasing his exploits as visual media.



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