CHRIS WATSON: In St Cuthbert’s Time CD Touch


CHRIS WATSON: In St Cuthbert’s Time  CD Touch

Subtitled “The Sounds of Lindisfarne and the Gospels”, it’s of no surprise to learn that this is dedicated somewhat to the exhibition of the Lindisfarne Gospels at Durham Cathedral.  Being a massive fan of the Touch label I was as normal intrigued and excited as to what I might hear; unfortunately, being a collection of field recordings I was ultimately let down.

This latest album contains no music whatsoever.  It takes zero talent to sit there and record the sounds of birds and the general meanderings of nature and even though there is a specific level of natural ambience captured, it’s simply not enough in any respect for any person with half a brain to spend their hard earned cash on.

I would be lying if I said I hadn’t amassed a certain amount of releases over the years that slotted into this genre, but I am quite picky with what I keep.  For this medium to work well there has to be something more to listen to and usually this slots in well with a lot of Dark Ambient albums.  Watson, unfortunately just brings absolute zero to the table with regards to anything interesting of note and I will score him just on the patience it must have taken to collect these recordings as a whole.



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