NORBERT MÖSLANG: Killer_Kipper LP Cave


NORBERT MÖSLANG: Killer_Kipper   LP  Cave

Under the Banner of “cracked everyday-electronics”, this two-track album sounded promising initially.  Side A, clocks in at nearly 14 minutes starting off with lowing rumbling Dark Ambient, that is steadily interrupted with a variety of noisy electronics and shuddering thumps.  Ever so teetering on the edges of PE, there are elements within this release that should appease those who follow such labels as Freak Animal and so forth.

Side B, carries on immediately from where the groove ends on Side A, with the only break in the chain being the lift of the needle and flipping the vinyl over.  From here on in things do get steadily noisier and eventually plateau into a throbbing hum.

I do like my Power Electronics, but I am more the kind of person who likes the overspill of someone screaming his guts out over the top, so there is little more for me to say with regards to this album.  For those who listen to genre solely and nothing else (yes, I know you exist), then there is much on here you will relish.



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