FRANK BRETSCHENEIDER: Super.Trigger CD Raster Notion


FRANK BRETSCHENEIDER: Super.Trigger  CD Raster Notion

After numerous successful underground releases, Frank Bretschneider returns with his latest collection of percussive frequency rhythms in the form of ‘Super.Trigger’.

‘Big.Hopes’ opens up in a tribal infused vein, with electronics sub-texts fluttering beneath the surface.  Altogether more complete however, is the glitch infused ‘Flicker.Funk’ with minimalist electronic stabs cutting ever so slightly into the hypnotic patterns that seamlessly fold over each other; altogether clinical, but engaging in it’s simplicity.

As things step up the pace somewhat, Bretschneider reminds me somewhat of the early works of Funckarma with this latest output, capitalising on the glory days of older IDM before every man and his dog sat down in front of a laptop professing to be the second coming of Aphex Twin.

‘Super.Trigger’, does follow a linear route throughout its 9 tracks with only subtle differences between each song as to separate them from one another.  With the focus squarely placed on beats there are just minor interruptions obscurely placed within each song to assist them in standing out in their own right.  The end result is a strong album that whilst avoiding anything too emotional, is engaging and involving from start to finish.


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