COMADUSTER: Hollow Worlds CD Tympanik Audio


COMADUSTER: Hollow Worlds CD Tympanik Audio

A lot of noise is currently being made in the press about Canada’s Comaduster and rightly so.  For a debut album, ‘Hollow Worlds’ smacks of brilliance throughout its 10 varied and emotive collection of tracks.

Opener, ‘Ma’ claws at the face, pad wise with a sound that scrapes and draws the ears into submission as clinically precise rhythmical structures rivalling the works of Hecq, punch you proverbially in the teeth, with a production that is simply second to none.  Thematically following suit, ‘Winter Eyes’ adds further dimensions to the near edge of collapsing sounds, with layered and treated vocals and airy emphatic pads; nearing greatness with these two opening numbers alone it’s staggering to wonder which rock this act has been hiding under for so long.

‘The Send Off’, displays so many genres melded together, it’s nearly impossible keep up whilst counting them on your fingers.  Vocally proficient with immense range whilst dancing electronica floats over crushing beats, a filtered mesh of Industrial meets symphonic metal structuring and punishing dub-step; I am absolutely flabbergasted.

There’s simply far too much to take in on one listen with ‘Hollow Worlds’.  This really isn’t an issue, as undoubtedly the majority who will hear this will most likely hit play as soon as the wonderful ‘Connecting the Seams’ draws to a close.  Comaduster provides a melting pot where all influences are collected genre wise, torn apart and reconstructed into a mash-up of IDM, Electronica, Dark Ambient, EDM, Industrial and Rock, that is pieced together as would any self respecting composer, in an almost verse/chorus/verse fashion; the end result is a collection of actual songs, rather than just random noises.

Clearly destined for better things, I take my hat off to this artist for providing probably one of the best albums I have heard this year, maybe in the last couple of years if truth-be-told; and I am struggling not to give it a straight 10/10 (nothings perfect though).


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