P.O.P.: Täbriz CD Monotype Records


P.O.P.: Täbriz  CD Monotype Records

Short for Psychology of Perception, this duo have chosen the most bizarre of concepts for their album.  A Täbriz is a rug woven with intricate patterns of silk and wool or a carpet with varying Turkish and Persian knots: how this shows form in music is anyone’s guess.

Drones slide between ethic percussive elements upon opening, creating a form of drifting ambience.  The former qualities did keep me engaged but with the strong field recording feel to this did grate somewhat.

Track two, ‘Senneh’ and closer ‘Kerman’ follow directly on from where the title track finishes and once again, did little to engage me.  The latter does have a sense of presence that is sorely lacking with its predecessors but that’s about it.

In short, I was left scratching my head as to the overall purpose of this release in its entirety.  The inner writings on the digipak actually hold more interest than the audio itself and for that alone and considering the amount of instrumentation that is surprisingly used (to little or no effect I might add) I am aghast that this album should have been released at all.



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