EKS. CENTER: Red Blossoms CDr Self Released


EKS. CENTER: Red Blossoms  CDr  Self released

Conjured up from the mind of David Vallée, his latest project differs greatly from the distorted beat led project, Lith that he is more likely to be recognised by.  With upbeat IDM, breaks and surging electronica it’s ultimately something that is more to my palette too.

Opener ‘Aurora’ is a stirring amalgamation of driving beats that are chopped intermittently between child-like, playful electronics and tempered emotions.  Coupled with the harmonious ‘Transition’ that slows the pace somewhat, this is the perfect aural partner to take with you on a long summers drive through the countryside.

David approaches his IDM much in the same way he approaches his works with Lith.  An artist usually finds a model to work with and the outcome is all the more interesting in this case, as what transpires is a very different take on a genre as opposed to those who have come solely from that stable; It’s little surprise that Vallée’s EKS. Center emphasises rhythmical programming above all else.

There is an overtly sci-fi feel to the pads and electronics utilised along the way providing a poppy feel to the proceedings that fits in with the overall aesthetics of the album.  With intersections of blistering breakbeats and glitch casually tearing away at the basic framework of majority of the tracks, there is little time to sit and ponder the emotive thought processes that are teased along the way and the listener is urged to just go along for the ride, experiencing every emotion at fast-forward.

‘Red Blossoms’ is a great album; nothing mind blowing in the grand scheme of things, but an enjoyable romp from start to finish that serves a key purpose for those that like their music with a little less pomp and circumstance.


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