YANNICK FRANCK / CRAIG HILTON: Flowers For L.P. CD Idiosyncratics


YANNICK FRANCK / CRAIG HILTON: Flowers For L.P.   CD Idiosyncratics

Low-key ambience, field recordings and sub bass thumps open up this one-track album from Franck and Hilton.  Inspiration is sourced from mysterious French poet Jacques Rigaut (1898-1929); although as is usually the case with non-vocalised music, unless you are the artist yourself it’s unlikely you will pick up on anything relating to the subject matter.

In parts the music is haunting and does hold a sinister edge; and in it 42 minute plus journey it is quiet surprising how quickly the time passes.  It’s all too easy to bore people when approaching music in this manner but Belgium born Franck and US based Hilton manage to hold fort with the atmospherics creeping up at key positioning’s within the track itself producing a cohesive and enthralling mass of interrupted spaces to engage with.

For the most part, ‘Flowers For L.P.’ teeters around Dark Ambient circles and this is where I feel their fan base for this release is most likely held.  There are momentary spots of light that hold the listeners head just above water as not to let them drown and this is where the true magic lies as a whole with albums of this nature.


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