LUCA FORCUCCI: Fog Horns CD Sub Rosa


LUCA FORCUCCI: Fog Horns  CD Sub Rosa

I always find it interesting to hear how an artist found his inspiration for an album.  For Luca Forcucci it was the culmination of a 12-hour flight to San Francisco and sleep deprivation, where upon landing he heard the sound of foghorns; later on he recorded these sounds.

Given the fact I despise a lot of albums based on field recording work, I approached this three-track release with some trepidation.  The recordings are clear and Forcucci has been clever enough to tear these apart with vinyl scratches and pulled some other sound sources together to form a rhythm; unfortunately the synopsis come the end of track one conveyed my fears, along with track two being a barrage of pointless noises that make little to no sense.

The one saving grace of this album though comes in the form of epilogue, ‘Winds’.  Utilising drones and other ambient sources Luca has at least formulated something more purposeful, but it certainly isn’t the best, nor is it the most competent I have heard within the genre.

I have to admit to being a tad let down.  I didn’t expect the best when hitting play, but nor did I expect two thirds of the album to be pointless self-absorbed drivel either.


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