HATI & Z’EV: Collusion CD Idiosyncratics


HATI & Z’EV: Collusion  CD Idiosyncratics

I have to be honest, it’s rare I come across anything by Z’ev and say anything positive.  I know and respect the man for his long tenure within Industrial and ambient circles, but have always struggled to enjoy much of what he has been involved with on a personal level.  However I am open minded enough to listen to any release that drops through my door and the inclusion of another artist can bring another worthwhile edge to engage with.

Once again there is a heavy level of percussion involved, as with any Z’ev release; along with Hati there is an ambient formulation over the analogue field recordings like sounds and a leaning towards tribalism and trance inducing hypnotic states.

The tracks are untitled and in their anonymity I feel they should be treated as a whole.  Track one doesn’t change from start to finish and whilst competent does grate a little from the scratching’s of noise that are evident from start to finish.  The persistent tom that is beaten throughout the first number carries on into track two and this pretty much carries on from where the first song left off, carrying weight to the notion that individual tracks mean nothing on their own, hence the lack of titles as mentioned earlier.

Much of ‘Collusion’ is disjointed with the percussive mass on occasion just clattering into a wash of sounds that for me sounds nothing more than a Tibetan monks hut at the top of a mountain falling to pieces in a storm.  I can understand in some respects why some people do like this form of music, but for me, Z’ev (and in a lot of cases his colleagues) has always bordered too much on hippy aesthetics and I can barely see where his legendary status in Industrial circles has come from.


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