COH: Retro 2038 CD Mego


COH: Retro 2038  CD Mego

I have to admit to being somewhat of a collector when it comes to the Mego label and I am always happy when one of their releases drops through the door for review.

Russian artist Ivan Pavlov has been creating music under the COH banner for quite some time.  On this latest exploration ‘Retro 2038’ things start in fine form, with ambient throbs leading to pulsating electronica cutting into the mix at a sublime pace.  There is an underlying poppy theme that fits in with the retro tag before things start to get harsher and just as things start to get going, it all peters out.

I was a little disappointed with the second track on this CD, ‘Bugs Build a House’.  Utilising some of the same sound sources as track one, whilst being competent didn’t really set the speakers on fire as was shown promise with it’s opening counterpart; skittering around like something dragged from a Nintendo Gameboy.

The majority of the album follows suit much in the same manner; on one hand I enjoy the playful synthesised sounds en-masse, yet on the other there is much scope for improvement.  One of the highlights has to be ‘Aniki’, which is the best interpretation of Pavlov’s latest output, which is engaging in range as pleasant as it is musically with well constructed pop synth, obliterated with chaotic programming.

COH’s latest would have benefitted from throwing in a less exploratory dance beat; I know this may be anathema to Pavlov, but undoubtedly he could have torn club goers apart if he had ventured into this territory.  As it stands, he has produced a peculiar and interesting release that threatened to do so much more than the end result, which whilst pleasing to the ear, made me yearn for that little bit more.



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