It’s juvenile I know, but I couldn’t help smile at a couple of the track titles on this release, but whilst it’s not really that funny at least it shows that some people can approach music with a lighter heart.

This playfulness does come across at key stages within the music, adding a few twists into the way the songs are composed.  Obscure, child-like harmonics make for a more interesting ride and without which, this would be just another (if not just good) distorted beat album.  Yura Yura capitalise on a great production as well, with beats that punch, as opposed to slap.

The title track ultimately doesn’t take itself too seriously; and compositions retain the elements I have described earlier, blended in with the more serious values of writing for the dance floor and indeed what must surely have some purpose in the live arena.  When Yura Yura (translated as “swaying vibration”) set their minds to it, there is a perfect combination of build and chorus like breaks in their composition that make for an effective construction of Rhythm and Noise, to more than match their peers.

A key track to the album is ‘Wolf’, symbolising all that is good with this project.  Crunching beats are formulated into a hypnotic structure, as ambient pads grate and soar within its framework, providing a blueprint for all those that aspire to perform in this scene, just how it should be done.

Indeed, ‘Be Sexual’, isn’t without its faults; some tracks on here do fall into the rut of sounding like many others that have come before them.  However, these are few and far between and whilst not setting the world on fire, this album provides more than enough enjoyment for new and old genre addicts alike.



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