V/A: Forms of Hands 13 CD HANDS


V/A: Forms of Hands 13  CD HANDS

Here is the 13th episode in the accompanying compilations to the successful Forms of Hands Festival gracing its followers on an annual basis.  As the title suggests, this is another platform for this respected labels’ output displaying just some of its current crop.

Kaibun is first on the agenda with a stirring bass driven beat and scratching noise rolling forward over a bed of light airy ambient; but is immediately bettered by the impressive Phasenmensch, displaying an ever more progressive ear for modern electronica.

Singular tracks is where Wieloryb is better placed, I did find his ‘Namaste’ album a tad too derivative; however, within the realms of a compilation he provides a furiously destructive break in the chain and I just wish the album matched ‘Synthesis if Worlds’, pound for pound.  On top of that, Heimstatt Yipotash come across better than when I saw them live; in fact I avoided their music based on the one performance I have seen of them and maybe that was a mistake.

HANDS have obviously come a long way; a long time ago they were and sometimes still are a label I go to, with the intention of tearing my speakers to bits and neighbours eardrums to boot.  Nowadays there is a heck of a lot more variation in their roster, with the wonderful Talvekoidik teetering on the edges of IDM amongst others and its good that they have moved forward with the times and the ever-increasing pallet from listeners out there.

Not to worry though, for those older fans of the label there is still more than enough on here to crucify your ears with.  The essential element of change is never forgetting where you came from and HANDS still have plenty of aggression within their ranks for those that crave it.



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