Nullgrad have approached their second album from a completely different perspective to their previous debut, ‘The Shepherds Satellite’.  This can be dangerous, but hats off to them for attempting something away from the Industrial circle they had pencilled themselves within, even at the risk of ostracising their fanbase.

Sampling of Buddhist chants on here are actual field recordings taken by the artist whilst travelling abroad.  Blend these in with subtle dance pads and dub infused rhythms and this is an entirely new and altogether modernised Nullgrad based on mid 90’s Techno sensibilities.

‘Seeds’, is one of those albums you could imagine playing whilst driving country roads late at night; its that kind of ambience.  There is little on here to separate songs track by track as they seamlessly work together as a whole; and neither would you want to play them individually as this is just one of those albums that you NEED to absorb from start to finish with no interruption.

Occasional smatterings of dance-floor club aesthetics are key to keeping this album alive.  It’s so easy to become enthralled in the beauty that arises within key intersections of this release, that it’s essential that the beats up-tempo somewhat to knock you out of your trance.  Nullgrad times these moments to perfection throughout the album and are another reason to consume this as a whole.

With a 50/50 blend of darkness and light, Nullgrad has produced one of those surprising gems that appear like discovered treasure as I half expected this to blast out of the speakers as industrial distorted beat. Instead, I was treated to sparkling electronics and inky black Techno, coupled with high production values and a middle finger salute to those that sit stuck in powernoise obscurity, which is surely worth awarding points for on its own.


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