Debut releases can spell make or break for me nowadays.  So much has come before, that there can be an added amount of pressure on the shoulders of those attempting to make a name for themselves.

Belgian duo Kaiban follow the expected path of many a label mate that has come before them beat wise; the flabby rhythmical programming should be pleasing to the hardened followers of HANDS from the off.  What is apparent on the opening number, is the background elements that gel everything together; an ambience created from pads and what appear to be sequenced and distorted guitar harmonics (I may be wrong).

From here on in though everything falls down a specific route; there was a lot of promise on the opening two tracks that is all but abandoned come the remaining 14 songs on offer.  Kaibun dip their toe in every form of powernoise available and for the most part do a steady interpretation of a genre unashamedly.

I take my hat off to this duo to sticking to their guns.  Indeed for what they attempt, it is done with a certain amount of gusto and individual elements shine brighter than others.  Unfortunately, as a whole though I found myself bored senseless; damage this further with an unstable production that lets them down on more than one occasion and there is little to say about the majority of an album that lacks any emotion once its bedded in.


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