AH CAMA-SOTZ: Murder Themes II 12” Vinyl & CD HANDS


AH CAMA-SOTZ: Murder Themes II  12” Vinyl & CD HANDS

It’s a testimony to an artist’s viability when a label will happily release a limited picture disc and CD double-pack to add to their discography; and is a statement no less to the Ah Cama-Sotz’s success.  What is telling about the fan base of AC-S is the confidence placed in the artist, with the CD exhibiting the exact same track list that is on the vinyl.

As a successor to ‘Murder Themes I’, this rarity carries on from where the last release in this series paused, comprising of six tracks from the ‘Eighth’ to the ‘Thirteenth Theme’, concentrating on the darker side of human nature.

‘Murder Themes II’ utilises one key area of Herman Klapholz’s production values.  Dark Ambient is the weapon of choice, with smatterings of dark electro filtering through into the later ‘themes’.  The beauty of this latest piece of work is that at just six tracks, it’s easy to consume as a whole and is all the better for it.

If anything, those who are new to the fold would do best in picking up this release alongside its earlier chapter.  For me, Ah Cama-Sotz shines at his brightest when he delves into the realms of Dark Ambient, providing a torch through the gloom and the hope of a way out from the unrelenting horror.

Executed with consummate professionalism, ‘Murder Themes II’ is a fitting sequel to its predecessor and a worthwhile addition for any avid collector out there.


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