MARSEN JULES: The Endless Change of Colour CD 12k


MARSEN JULES: The Endless Change of Colour  CD 12k

Taking a deep breath, I pressed play on this one-track album in the stark realisation that this was going to be a lengthy journey lasting just over 47 minutes.  As one long story though, this isn’t the frightening task that on paper first seemed to be, with the majority of this opus providing a space in time to sit back and let images flow through your head randomly.

Droning layers of ambient open up the album, parallel to one another and gently numb the senses.  Subtle intersections of other tones and indeed, colour inducing waves of sound are blended together and pulsate like waves that intertwine along the way.

The difficulty in reviewing an album such as this is, is that I have just expressed the entirety of the release in one paragraph alone.  There isn’t anything else that can be said about ‘The Endless Change of Colour’; and whilst providing me some respite from the daily humdrum that life throws at me, as well put together and pleasant as this is, it would have benefitted more from being broken down into individual tracks.


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