MAIN: Ablation CD/LP Mego


MAIN: Ablation  CD/LP Mego

Spanning four long tracks, you know this latest output from Robert Hampson will require a great deal of patience, should you have come across his music before.  This time he has teamed up with colleague Stephan Mathieu in an attempt to create a different palette for his listening audience and in some respects this shows limited colour over the course of this release.

Essentially, ‘Ablation’ utilises Music Concrete (not altogether a medium I usually have time for), adding an altogether more electronic feel to the organically led analogue sounds.  Unfortunately for me, none of this bears fruit until the glorious emotional ambient of ‘IV’ takes hold; and then you are at the end of the album.

Tracks one to three seem to drag on as a pointless exploration of sounds that neither evolve, nor have purpose.  I found myself drifting off for the most part, at what seemed to be a black hole of random noises that neither engaged or ravaged my senses; which is a real shame considering what could have been.



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