LOCUST: You’ll Be Safe Forever CD/LP Mego


LOCUST: You’ll Be Safe Forever  CD/LP Mego

Mark Van Hoen hasn’t released a Locust record in at least 12 years.  Now collaborating with long time friend Louis Sherman, it appears he has found some impetus to provide us with some new material; and upon first listen, ‘You’ll Be Safe Forever’ is as relevant as anything you should part with your hard earned cash on this year.

Opening with ‘Fall For me’, treated vocals are balanced in perfect harmony with distinctly pop influenced, evocative electronics and mid paced beats.  The sonic landscape expands even further on the engaging and up-tempo ‘Strobes’; with the programmed vocals playing a heavy part in the melody, providing a borderline anthemic feel to the proceedings.

Intermittent ambient interludes are sprinkled throughout the release as precursors to full tracks and are an essential element to what gels this album together as a whole.  Obscure electronics flutter over off-key pads, providing space for more accessible harmonies to dance across.

A broad plethora of genres are crossed on this latest opus.  From the soundtrack sunset ridden short, ‘Remember’, to the IDM touched ‘Oh Yeah’ and the Jazzy Trip-Hop of ‘The Flower Lady’; an exploratory electronic album that dares to break many a mould, providing a somewhat unique and enjoyable listening experience from start to finish.


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