CINDYTALK: A Life Is Everywhere CD/LP Mego


CINDYTALK: A Life Is Everywhere  CD/LP Mego

Considering the 30 plus years that this act has been releasing music, I have had very limited exposure to Cindytalk; listening to this, I can’t quite get to grips with why.

Opening up with ‘Time To Fall’, we have tonal chimes interrupted with staggered blasts of electronics that eventually erupt into a mass of swirling soundtrack pads and distorted frequencies, leading on to the caustic ‘My Drift is a Ghost’; a fairly subdued start leading on to a horrific mass of thundering bass undercurrents and visceral Power Electronics.

The radio distortions of ‘To a Dying Star’ don’t really go anywhere, but fit as a prequel to the droning ambience of ‘Interruptum’ (which appears to be a remix for scene long-termer, Mimetic).  It’s at this point that Cindytalk become a strange beast to me; everything about them screams “modern”, yet there is an old school aesthetic at the beating heart of the project that melds old and new together as one.

A lot of ‘Life Is Everywhere’ could be classified as a lot of nonsense if I am to tell the truth.  The thing is though, there is something undeniably endearing about the album that floats my boat on a lot of levels.  There’s nothing about this latest album that would strike me as pick-up-and-play with regards to any individual track, but it is definitely one I will listen to in full on a fairly regular basis.


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