YANNIS KYRIAKIDES: Resorts & Ruins CD Unsounds


YANNIS KYRIAKIDES: Resorts & Ruins  CD Unsounds

I quite like oddities, especially when it comes as an addition to the packaging.  Inside the digipak are sets of postcards matching the theme of the album created by Isabelle Vigier, based on ‘The Golden Seaside’, created with manipulated images of Varosha (the resort of Famagusta.  They’re a neat addition and as stated I enjoy stuff like this.

Musically, Kyriakides utilises spaces and voice alongside compositions based on electronic and analogue structures.  On the opening ‘Covertures I’, things do feel a little disjointed as these individual elements are kept separate as a series of short breaks, with the vocal elements almost forming the part of a director barking out the orders for testing each form of media.

Next up, ‘Varosha’ comes across in much the same format, mainly comprised of traditional Turkish folk and disco themes cut and pasted together.  It’s at this stage of the release that things start to become difficult to listen to and it’s not until the ambient noise of ‘Covertures II’ that we get a complete track in its entirety.

Overall, I do respect the artistic qualities of what Kyriakides is trying to accomplish.  However, this is more of an audio art installation than anything else and try as I might to ignore it, this did make my teeth grind a little too much with impatience.


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