TLASILA: The Grief That Shrieked to Multiply 3xCD+9x File DD Monotype Records


TLASILA: The Grief That Shrieked to Multiply  3xCD+9x File DD Monotype Records

This is a collection of works from To Live And Shave In LA, spanning 3 CD’s including the codes to a 9 track digital download; altogether, a staggering amount of music to listen to and what looks like a complete nightmare to swallow whilst reviewing.

TLASILA have covered a whole spectrum of genres throughout their tenure from Drone, Avant Garde, Breakbeat, Industrial, Power Electronics, Ambient; you name it, they have done it.  Should be an interesting ride considering this is a remix album as well.

Disc one (subtitled ‘My Finger was Hooked’) has remixes from 20 artists, Disc two (‘I Offer Syrup’) has 21 and disc three (‘I Offal and Stumble) 22, with the download containing 9 as mentioned earlier.

There’s one very annoying factor to this latest release and that is each disc being one long track.  I like to pick and play selected areas of albums and frustratingly this collection simply doesn’t allow for that.  There are simply too many artists on here to name in one sitting, but with the likes of Toecutter, Otto Van Schirach, Thee Majesty and Duran Duran Duran (to name a few) I would have loved to just pop a disc in and grab a moment of my choice.

Musically, with nearly 5 and half hours of output, all the genres I touched on before are covered and together these are mixed as one long set.  It’s an intense ride and one which you really have to set time aside for; I would suggest that its an album of choice if you have your mates around for an evening of beer and chat (just make sure they have similar music tastes), as this can seamlessly play in the background.

Overall, this is a value for money release and certainly one for collectors.  When you get artists that even slightly dip their toe into PE territory, you are more often than not going to encounter a fair whack of dry humour.  Annoying as it is, this probably explains the purposely-difficult format this this has been presented to us.



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