RAVI SHARDJA: Grün ist Grau 2xLP Grautag Records


RAVI SHARDJA: Grün ist Grau  2xLP Grautag Records

Opening up with the fabulously titled ‘Bombay Boobies Battle’, it was quite a surprise to find that the music presented over this just shy of 17-minute marathon, is a collection of ambient and noise manipulations.  When creating tracks of this length, it’s important to create a solid foundation for the many grotesques electronics to dance along and unfortunately this is where Shardja falls short; everything feels disjointed and lacks any form of cohesive stability.

Things come together somewhat on track two, where at least there is an emphasis towards structure, as is the same with the rest of the remaining vinyl.  Unfortunately, there is little to enjoy along the way, with a mass of freeform noises and scratches of sound, coming together like a jigsaw of noise, to produce a picture that provides little satisfaction to the time invested in piecing it together.


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