ATOM TM: HD CD Raster Notion


ATOM TM: HD  CD Raster Notion

I am steadily loving the majority of releases from the Raster Notion label, providing me with a collection of unheard artists that for the most part, are excellent.

Opening up with ‘Pop HD’ there is initially little to tie the song musically to the title.  What we do have, are up-tempo simplistic IDM rhythms infused with sparse French vocals and stabbing synth work that tie the track to straightforward programming etiquette.  There is a straightforward intro-vocal-chorus-vocal-end to the song that works and in a fashion comes off more “Pop” than I first envisaged.

The steadily paced ‘Strom’ is up next; a precise lesson in sampling, cleansed beats and electronics that cut through as sharp as a knife, with a modernised eighties sound that hooks pads and rhythmic chops together with a decisive punch; further pop elements add variation with the Jamie Lidell vocal led ‘I Love U (Like my Drum Machine)’, reminiscent of some almighty bastardisation of Prince.

The middle section of ‘HD’ does feel somewhat misguided and misplaced however; ‘The Sound of Decay’ and ‘Empty’ lack structure and could have been layered together into something more cohesive.  This however is a minor blip in what is a more than competent attempt at experimental-yet-palatable electronics and synth that surprisingly contains an excellent cover of The Who’s ‘My Generation’ no less; and the superb ambient industrial electronic closer, ‘Ich Bin Meine Maschine’.


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