TO THE LOVERS, FAREWELL: Banister to the Throne Room CDr Obfuscated Records


TO THE LOVERS, FAREWELL: Banister to the Throne Room  CDr Obfuscated Records

Visceral electronic stabs slice through the speakers the moment you hit play and whilst effective enough I really wanted this to come to some dramatic conclusion with rumbling bass and distorted vocalisations.  Unfortunately this never came over the five minutes plus, that this track lasted and seamlessly this fell into more of the same come track two, for a further three minutes or so.

If anything good is to be said about ‘Banister…’ it’s that it made me laugh out loud at one point.  TTLF has taken the ridiculous to the extreme with nothing more than varying degrees of electronic noise and whilst I appreciate this form of expression, for me it only has any impact if any other ingredients are mixed into the bowl.

There is literally nothing I can say more than what I already have about this release because of the lack of variation; I am still giggling about it now though and for all the wrong reasons.


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