TASUKETEKUN: Electrical Lessons CDr Obfuscated Records


TASUKETEKUN: Electrical Lessons   CDr Obfuscated Records

I kinda figured what this would sound like before I pressed play.  Infinitely hard to review, this kind of Power Electronics requires a set mind frame to soak up the varying levels of pulsating destruction and to the casual listener this would be something to abhor.

For myself however, I have been exposed over many years to this approach to sonic terrorism and whilst I couldn’t listen to this every day, when it does come along I can appreciate it for what it is.  Many of us have Merzbow albums and to be fair we all know a lot of them are complete bollocks if you really think about it; it’s whether its complete garbage that can be consumed because it has purpose, that counts.

‘Electrical Lessons’, tiptoes heavily like a drunken elephant between the two.  On the one hand the electrical undercurrents and throbbing bass provide clever bedrocks of stability whilst chaos ensues above them; on the other hand there are moments where this becomes a pointless mass of writhing noise where the only lesson is that someone has too much time on their hands.

Obviously when attempting to produce something from this aspect of the genre, there are many that have come before and admittedly whilst it must be difficult to produce anything that truly breaks conventional boundaries, there also has to be the question of validity if there is nothing new to bring to the table; one thing is for certain though, Japan’s Tasuketekun truly is one noisy bastard.


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