TANNHÄUSER STERBEN & DAS TOD: Eigengift CD/LP Altin Village & Mine


TANNHÄUSER STERBEN & DAS TOD: Eigengift  CD/LP Altin Village & Mine

Experimental freeform jazz elements permeate ‘Eigengift’ throughout with subtle electronics to gel everything together with a rock groove that hits from varying different eras.  The opening track ‘Glashaus’ really left me somewhat cold, but is immediately overshadowed by the more stable ‘Endfilm’ which combined modern rock with a touch of background sentimentalities touching on some of SWANS’ work musically (only just), and eventually comes crashing down in a wall of electronic noise.

Whilst I don’t like pigeonholing artists, sometimes it makes for easier reviewing (and listening more often than not).  TS & DT are extremely difficult to pin down in a lot of respects, although a lot of the raucous beats and grinding bass were a welcome distraction from the vocals sometimes.

A lot of ‘Eigengift has a ritualistic feel to it.  ‘Zellophan’ sounds like a more up to date Z’ev and as the clattering noise abruptly ends the cut n’ paste programming of ‘2011’ follows suit, but in an altogether different way and is ultimately my favourite track on this release, daring to toy with modernity, but ultimately tossing that aside.

What we have is one of those bizarre albums that leave you scratching your head once its over.  I wasn’t immediately won over with this, but eventually the madness sank in and there is something imminently listenable to this release that you can’t quite put your finger on.


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