CROWN OF BONE & WILT: Neurosis of Enthrallment CDr Obfuscated Records


CROWN OF BONE & WILT: Neurosis of Enthrallment  CDr Obfuscated Records

Wilt is undeniably a veteran to the scene and has been responsible in the past for some of the better releases in the genre; for this reason alone this album automatically got my attention.  Teaming up with Crown of Bone we have 2 individual solo tracks and one long monolith of collaboration at the end, with the mighty Wilt up first.

‘The Weight Of Chains Break The Backs Of Men’ carries an oppressive tone that matches its title.  Understated Dark Ambient flows with rich dripping atmospherics seamlessly into it’s counterpart, ‘A Room With No Light Produces Hallucinations For the Beaten Down’ pretty much saying all that needs to be said about Wilt; it doesn’t take much to figure out.

On the flip side of the coin we have Crown of Bones.  Literally the complete opposite of his partner in crime, we have two ferocious barrages of Power Electronics that are as multi-layered as they are bordering on unlistenable.  However, a great deal of though has obviously gone into the madness and whilst two tracks are just about as much as I can endure in one sitting, they are palatable.

The title track itself combines both elements that make up these artists individually, with each subscribing to each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  Wilt provides the foundations whilst COB rises through towards the end to bring chaos and destruction to the proceedings.   It’s not the mighty epitaph I expected, but will be a more than satisfying conclusion for any self-respecting PE fan.


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