UNDERMATHIC: Indistinct Face CD Tympanik Audio


UNDERMATHIC: Indistinct Face  CD Tympanik Audio

Polish composer Maciej Paszkiewicz provided somewhat a revelation for me when he first appeared out of the woodwork with his amazing debut ‘Return to Childhood’ and then the follow-up and equally excellent ’10:10PM’, such was the professionalism and ear for creative electronics.  ‘Indistinct Face’ once again should reap critical praise for this young musician, further adding to the legacy that he is creating for himself.

‘Still On The Border’ opens up the proceedings with a varied tapestry of synths following on from his last release, with an urban construction to the beats that invokes travelling a landscape at night, flowing seamlessly into ‘Three Different Worlds’, with its glorious orchestral intersection mid-way.

The title track provides an almost organic feel to the rhythm sections as fluttering harmonies resonate and dance over the top of them, whilst ‘Colorize’ toys with off kilter electronics that border on the unstable and once again proved a different perspective.  It’s a necessary variation midway through the album just as some of the songs were beginning to sound a little too familiar, which is going to be my only criticism.

‘Indistinct Face’ without a doubt is a great album nonetheless.  The dynamics involved give every element the necessary space to breathe and evolve so you truly get swept away with the pads.  Hand on heart I haven’t become as immersed in this release as I have with previous albums, mainly due to the point I touched on before with regards to similarities throughout; either way, once again Paszkiewicz has produced a fine body of work yet again and I whole heartedly recommend you hunt out this latest instalment as well as his previous affairs.


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